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Our focus is on disease specific Biomedical Informatics and models for mainly translating the high throughput data (e.g. NextGen sequencing and others) by building and driving the genomics-based systems for clinical usage which can be robustly, reliably and experimentally testable. The targets of these systems, models and specific databases are to provide the support in Cancer and T2D discoveries and therapies in the clinical setup. These systems are to support and provide the better understanding in the disease specific therapeutic interventions. We work with our R&D collaborators to drive these developments.

Product under validation- Integrated mRNA-miRNA Platform- with novel statistical algorithmic approaches , disease network stratifications for integrated high throughput data analysis, functional annotations, disease specific associations with in house curated disease specific ( mainly Cancer and T2D) miRNA functional datasets.

Reference: "Integrated analysis of mRNA and miRNA expression in HeLa cells expressing low levels of Nucleolin" - Our publication accepted in Nature Scientific Reports.

BioCOS is also interested to engage with research labs and companies to collaborate in these developments. BioCOS will be happy to explore the possibilities and reach out to such possible collaborators.