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New proteins in Plasmodium Falcifarum Exportome - paper being submitted to Genome Biology

miRNA-Cancer database: BioCOS Develops new ways of pathways annotations and analysis for miRNA in Cancers with big manually curated data. Research paper accepted in Nature Scientific Reports

PDAC therapeutic: New customized NGS Spliceosome/splice detection pipelines for cancer specific data

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BioCOS has unique strengths in deciphering and analyzing the high throughput data in various domains and phases of drug development, disease specific diagnosis, prediction and assistance to Companion Drug Diagnostics (CDx) for the researchers, Laboratories and pharmaceuticals.
        Our strengths lies with the disease specific data analysis and specifically domain focused approached on various Cancers, T2D and Infectious Disease (mainly Plasmodium and Tuberculosis). We have well proven indigenous data analysis methodologies and specific data platforms to annotate and analyze the high throughput data to the best possible precision. We have demonstrated our such domain specific data driven research and services capabilities to various labs and companies who have been able to drive their research with our integrated mode of research services into their research programs and projects.
         With our strong and domain specific computational capabilities, we could drive and discover the involvement of Nucleolin, protein getting over expressed in various cancers and of therapeutic importance, in new pathways/miRNAs such as Lipid Metabolism which is never reported (Publication in Nature Scientific Report). As the dysregulated metabolism being a hallmark of various cancers, this research paves the new ways for possible new pathways for NCL, a target for various therapeutics in Cancer.
         By way of our domain specific computational capabilities in plasmodium and in house developed specific database, network data models and annotation systems , we could also specifically guide on the data to discover the new proteins which might be associated and influencing the Exportome of P. Falcifarum (Research is being Submitted to Genome Biology).
        We also worked on various cancers with our collaborators in India and Europe to refine and find the new disease pathways and mechanisms which could drive our customers in better understanding of the disease - Publications being submitted to Nature Oncogene and other journals.

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Domain and Disease specific High Throughput Data Discoveries - in Cancer, T2D and Plasmodium (
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Technical expertise in domains such as Disease specific Variations, Precision Cancer diagnostics, small RNA(miRNA in cancer), NGS and other high throughput - data analysis, annotations and Diagnostics report

Systems Biology and Network Based Disease Specific Models and Analysis

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